What is speech and language therapy?

Speech and language therapists help children to develop  the skills they need to communicate effectively.

Sometimes children can need support to develop their speech, language and communication (SLCN) skills. Difficulties with SLCN include

  • Difficulties with understanding language

  • Difficulties with using language

  • Difficulties with forming different speech sounds

  • Differences in social communication such as eye contact, turn taking or playing

  • Difficulties with speaking fluently

Speech and Language Therapists use evidence based therapy techniques to support your child to overcome these difficulties.

What do I offer?

I can provide therapy in either nursery, school or home settings. I am also able to provide one off assessments or reports for legal documents such as EHCPs or MSP's. 

The intensity and duration of therapy will vary according to you child's specific needs; however, most therapy sessions last between 30-60 minutes as the aim is to keep the child engaged and enjoying the therapy. In some cases, intervention may take the form of parent/ carer education sessions to provide you with the skills and confidence to support your child's communication development on a daily basis.

I do not advocate ABA or therapies with a basis in behaviorism.